New Tag Cloud

New Tag Cloud is a little WordPress plugin which provides a widget generating a tag cloud. New Tag Cloud uses the new WordPress own tagging feature, so that you don’t need any tagging plugin. Configurable options are:

  • widget box title
  • how much tags should be shown
  • biggest font size
  • smallest font size
  • font size stepping
  • font size type (px, em, …)

Find more posts tagged with new tag cloud, see the article in my wiki or use the comments below.

190 Gedanken zu “New Tag Cloud

  1. @FayetteFD:
    I’ve a new query. Your query should like this:

    [sql]SELECT `$wpdb->terms`.`term_id`, `$wpdb->terms`.`name`, LOWER(`$wpdb->terms`.`name`) AS lowername, `$wpdb->term_taxonomy`.`count` FROM…[/sql]

    Replace “`$wpdb->term_taxonomy`.`count`” with [sql]COUNT(*) AS `count`”[/sql]

    I’m not sure if it works with the current layout of the query.

    For the new version only the backend part to configure the plugin is missing. I’m currently dealing with a new layout. I think I can release v0.8 in the next week. So if there are any feature request, now would be a good time ;)

  2. Thank you VERY much for the support!
    Looking at how everything works now that piece is in, it is GREAT!
    The only thing that I might suggest further is having the links to the tags also sort by the category(categories) selected in the filter.  I do not know if this is possible, but I didn’t know that any of the other suggestions I have made were possible either.
    Thanks again!

  3. I was able to accomplish this for my purposes by simply listing the href as:

    This works great for me since I only have one category selected at a time.  It may be worth looking into as a feature for you to have though.  It would only need to be marginally extended to include additional categories.

  4. That’s right, because WordPress URLs never contain spaces. You should be able to handle this, if you add

    [sql]`$wpdb->terms`.`slug`[/sql] to the SELECT part of the query and [php]$content[$term->lowername] = str_replace(‘%TAGSLUG%’, $term->slug, $content[$term->lowername]);[/php] to the other str_replace lines. Than you can modify you entry template to [code][/code]

    I’ll include %TAGSLUG% in v0.8 too.


  5. Beautiful!  Works great!  Thank you!
    I am not sure how this would work with multiple categories, but it works fine the way it is for me!

  6. I think in case of multiple categories, one New Tag Cloud instance per category would be required, because the category needs to be placed in the entry template.

  7. I think I spoke too soon with the changes.  The count works in that it reports the proper count, however, the sort and font sizing no longer works…

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  9. Thank you very much for a great plugin. I set up a new blog and installed the plugin without problem. It worked really well until I tried to change the widget’s title. Any changes that I made had no effect whatsoever. On my page it’s still showing the old widget title. I even uninstalled and then reinstalled the plugin but my old widget title is still there. What do you think is the problem here? What should I do to get rid of the old title?

  10. Sorry. Please ignore my question above. I figured it out: Simply adding a tag to force the widget to refresh, thus getting the title. Hope this helps others in similar situation.

  11. The reason for this behavior is the caching feature. The current version caches the complete widget including the title field. That is a design mistake – sorry, my fault ;-). Every action wich clears the cache (e.g. updating a post) solves this problem.

    In the next release this problem is fixed.

  12. With the modifications made to the ‘count’, it would appear that the sizing and order are no longer functioning.
    If I reset the query back to using “`$wpdb->term_taxonomy`.`count`”, it will size and sort properly (given the unfiltered count), but when the count portion of the query is “COUNT(*) AS `count`”, it does not sort by count nor does it properly size the font.

  13. I added [code]<?php newtagcloud(); ?>[/code] in my sidebar.php file. Then I tried to change the font sizes in newtagcloud.php, but they do not change when the tag cloud is displayed. :( What should I do?

  14. With the modifications made to the ‘count’, it would appear that the sizing and order are no longer functioning.
    If I reset the query back to using “`$wpdb->term_taxonomy`.`count`”, it will size and sort properly (given the unfiltered count), but when the count portion of the query is “COUNT(*) AS `count`”, it does not sort by count nor does it properly size the font.

    How are you?  I have not heard back from you regarding this most recent issue that I experienced with your plugin.  Admittedly, I have not had any time to work on it myself either.  Have you been able to duplicate the sort/size issue when splitting things up by category like I have?

  15. Hello, you got a little error in the Wiki about newtagcloud :

    “The shortcode is the new way to place a tag cloud in an article or page. Simply add [newtagcloud] or [newtagclound int=] to your post. has to be replaced by the id of the instance (the id is written in each drop down behind the instance name). If you don’t provide an id, the instances specified with Default instance for shortcode will be used. ”

    Here : “Simply add [newtagcloud] or [newtagclound int=] to your post”

    the second shortcode has a “N”, it’s written newtagclound instead of “newtagcloud”

  16. Hey, I have a question that I can’t seem to find the answer for. Is there a way to change the template on how the results are displayed?
    For instance, it shows the tag results like a normal WP blog. I want to change it where it only shows the thumbnails of the posts when a tag is clicked.

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  18. I would like to add tags at the footer.  Can anyone help me on this?  Thanks.

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  20. Hi there. I seriously value the points you created. I dont think Ive truly thought about it in that way. I can genuinely value how you approached the topic matter and what you mentioned definitely gave me a new point of view. Thanks for making the effort to create this all out.

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  22. I gave the New Tag Cloud widget the title “Tags”.  The problem is it is not getting correctly formatted in my WordPress theme.  See: and look in the sidebar on the right.
    I have determined that there is one line which says, “<h3>Tags</h3>” and it needs to say, “<h3 class=”widget-title”>Tags</h3>.
    How do I edit the newtagcloud.php file so that it will function properly?
    Or is there is there a way to edit the NewTagCloudsettings in the admin section?
    Thank you.

  23. I figured out a work-around ->  if I don’t put a title in the widget box and then I add <h3 class=”widget-title”>Tags</h3> to the Instance Setting>”Provide HTML code used before entries” it will appear and format correctly.
    This makes my setting in the “Provide HTML code..” box:

    <h3 class=”widget-title”>Tags</h3><ul id=”newtagcloud”><li> .

  24. Danke für das Plug. Aber irgendwie zeigt das nur eine Größe an, obwohl es zwischen 8px und 16px variieren sollte. Was mache ich falsch?

  25. Thanks for the great plugin. Unfortunately, as mentioned from the number 154, it only has one size of the words. The words should be interpred in different size. Are there any mistake or how can I fix it in easy way? Thanks in advance.

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  27. Hello, I’ve tried to add a title into the Entry template but it just won’t show.

    Like this:
    [code]<a style="font-size:%FONTSIZE%%SIZETYPE%" href="%TAGURL%" title="%TAGNAME%" target="_self">%TAGNAME%</a>[/code]

    any idea?

  28. Yes I have the code like in your example. I just wanted to bold the added line…

    But when title=”%TAGNAME%” is added it just wont add a title to the link. If I add test=”%TAGNAME%” it will show up, so i don’t know why title is filtered?

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  30. Do you plan to make any updates to this plug in – I’m getting a note that it’s not compatible with 4.3.1. and when I enter tags, they don’t seem to stick.

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